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Hong Kong, China

The stretch of Lockhart Road from Fenwick Street to Fleming Road is the heart of the large but rather tired Wanchai girlie bar district. Seen-it-all mama-sans crouch in front, offering a line to entice pedestrians inside for a drink and entertainment that can quickly turn expensive (tabs of $200 for a couple of beers and some chat are not unheard of). The Panda Bar claims to be the only remaining club on Suzie Wong turf with a real topless license, evidence of which is provided the moment a man walks through the door (though quickly recalled if he seems uninterested in buying a round of drinks).

Traditionally, the Wanchai District (Suzie Wong territory) on Hong Kong Island was where sailors and horny businessmen head when they have just one thing on their minds. During the heady days of the Vietnam War and the GIs' famous R&R junkets, Hong Kong's girlie nightlife spread across the harbour to Tsimshatsui, Kowloon, the area along Nathan Road close to the Star Ferry. (Most of the R&R hotels were there so the extension was only natural.) Incidentally, Hong Kong is still a popular R&R centre for warships of many nations on patrol in the area.

In Wanchai, along the famed Lockhart Road and its side streets were dozens and dozens of girlie bars, hostess clubs and pubs, cheek-by-jowl, ranging from evil-smelling dives where anything goes (and where one ventures at one's own risk) to respectable establishments with live music and uptown prices. That's changed somewhat these days --- Wanchai has become respectable with an excellent selection of ethnic restaurants and up-market pubs. The number of earthy girlie bars and discos has decreased since Suzie Wong's heyday, making meeting your very own "Suzie" much less likely.


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So, without further ado, the Wanchai bar listing is as follows:


Agave Shop C & D, G/F 93-107 Lockhart Road
AK's Lounge Novotel Century HK, 236 Jaffe Road
Amici 1/F 81-85 Lockhart Road
Bar Amazonia G/F 15-19 Luard Road
The Bell Inn G/F 94 Lockhart Road
Bottoms Up 1/f 37-39 Lockhart Road
The Bridge G/F 107 Lockhart Road
Bull Dogs Bar 2/F, 21-25 Luard Road
Bus Stop Bar G/F 408-412 Jaffe Road

Canny Man Bsmnt, The Wharney Hotel, 37-73 Lockhart Road
Cenna 23/F Continental Diamond Plaza, 523-527 Hennessy Road
Champagne Bar Grand Hyatt, 1 Harbour Road
Champs Bar Bsmt 1 The Charterhouse, 209-219 Wanchai Road
China Bar Bsmt 2 Morrison Hill Rd
Chinatown 78-82 Jaffe Rd
Cinta J Shop G4, 69 Jaffe Road
Coyote 114-120 Lockhart Road
Darters Inn 16 St. Francis Yard
Delaneys G-1/F One Capital Place, Luard Road
Devils Advocate G/F 48-50 Lockhart Road
Dusk Til Dawn G/F 76 Jaffe Road
DV8 2/F, SunHung Kei Centre, 30 Harbour Road
Exit Wine & Cigar UG/F 1 St Francis Yard
Fenwick The Dock L/G 41 Lockhart Road
Ferry Pub Shop A G/F 391 Jaffe Road
Fresh Cyber Café Ft C, 2/F, 100 Lockhart Road
Gossip 51 51/F 333 Lockhart Road
The Handle Bar 98-108 Jaffe Road
Harry's Bar 1/F Charterhouse Hotel, 209-219 Wanchai Road
Horse & Groom G/F 161 Lockhart Road
JJ's Grand Hyatt, 1 Harbour Road
Joe Bananas 23 Luard Road
The Junk Pub 118 Jaffe Road
Klong Bar & Grill G/F 54-62 Lockhart Road, The Broadway
The Lab 3/F Allways Centre, 468 Jaffe Road
Laguna Music Club & Bar 17-21 Fenwick Street
Maya G/F 68-70 Lockhart Road
Mes Amis G/F 81-85 Lockhart Road
Old China Hand 104 Lockhart Road
One Fifth 9 Star Street
Outback Steakhouse 1/F De Fenwick, 8-12 Fenwick Street
Philippine Islands Bsmt Hang Shun Mansions, 68-82 Jaffe Road
The Quarterdeck Club G/F Fleet Arcade, Fenwick Pier
Rouge Bar & Disco G/F & M/F 20 Luard Road
Senses 19/F 199 Wanchai Road
Session 5 5/F One Capital Place, 18 Luard Road
Some Place Else G/F Harbour Centre, 25 Harbour Road
Starlight Lounge 28/F South Pacific Hotel, 23 Morrison Hill Road
Sultan Shop B, G/F 33 Lockhart Road
Tribeca 4/F Convention Plaza
Typhoon G/F 37-39 Lockhart Road
Uptown 90 90-92 Jaffe Road
V2 B2 80-82 Morrison Hill Road
Venue G/F 15-19 Luard Road
The Wanch 54 Jaffe Road
The White Stag G/F 54-62 Lockhart Road
Xperience G/F Asia Orient Tower, 33 Lockhart Road
Zip Kings Hotel, 303 Jaffe Road